Monday, April 29, 2013

29 April 2013

Hello family!

How are you????

It was a good week.  We saw a lot of people ... mostly on their door step ... but it was all good! 

The miracle for this week is someone in our ward brought a family to church!!!  It was awesome, we were able to teach part of gospel principles and got to know them better, they seemed to like us and hopefully they trust us too!  We asked them if we could come by and talk to them more about the church, they said yes!!!! I was really excited about it.  After church the dad of the new family came up and told me they were looking for a church and they liked the feeling they felt at ours ... I was almost in shock!!  So I taught him a little about the spirit and what he was feeling. He is really excited about us coming by and talking with his family!  I think it is him and his wife and two kids.

Yesterday was a farewell for one of the youth in our ward.  He was always going out with us and teaching with us.  He also was in our mission prep class that we teach every Thursday so we had become really close to him as he was getting ready to go.  It was really special to see him give his farewell talk and bare testimony so powerfully.  There was a sister leaving as well and she was going to our mission prep class too!  It is really cool to see kids want to serve and take steps to prepare ... I wish I would have prepared better!

I’m sorry to hear about Kate ... I will be praying for her. LOVE YOU KATE!!!!!!!!!!!

Family I love you and miss you all so much ... I’m sorry that my emails are so short and aren't that great but every day is the same so I only tell you about the new stuff that is going on!! 

Elder Garrett

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