Monday, May 6, 2013

6 May 2013

Hey ...
How are you doing???????????
Me, I’m doing great!!!!  Loving life!  But my companion is getting transferred and I’m staying in Tehachapi!  I’m kinda sad about it because we have been together for sooo long but I think a change will be good and a fresh start will be really good!  My new companion is named Elder Bready (brady), he is from AF and has been out for almost 8 months.
So we went to contact the family that went to church last week ... They didn't answer ... I was really bummed out about it and was down from it all week ... Sunday rolled around and I was praying that they would show up to church and still be interested ... BUT nope!!!  So I pushed it aside.  Then in Elders Quorum Bro. Thomas came up and told us that they took them to LA for the weekend! And that they still wanted the missionaries to come by and talk to them!!!  It was amazing to hear that, my heart was full!!!  haha  Tender mercies of the Lord!  So this week we will be meeting with them and we are going to be teaching them in a members home!
We did a lot of service this week!!!  A LOT!!!  We did yard work at this recent convert older ladies house 3 times, and then we went and worked in this members garden and helped plant for them.  It was amazing!  I love doing service and seeing the joy that it brings to the people.  This upcoming week we are doing a lot of service as well.  MORE YARD WORK!!!  haha
I have been learning a lot this past week, it hasn't been the easiest of weeks but it was a rewarding one.  All week I was really down about things and didn't really want to do much, but then the miracle of Sunday came and made me understand that this work is more important than me feeling bad about certain situations.  I’m really excited to see what is going to happen this transfer and I’m stoked to stay here in Tehachapi!!!!!!
I love you all and miss you tons!!!!!
Elder Garrett

p.s. I LOVE YOU KATE!!!!!!!! :)

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