Monday, June 3, 2013

3 June 2013


This week was a long one!!!!!!!!

Once again we did so much service which kept us really busy!!!  On Tuesday morning we went and helped some really old lady move, Wednesday we went and helped clean up this guys back yard, Thursday night we went with the priests quorum and helped clear up this widow’s property, it was fun! 

I really like the priests in the ward, most of them are getting ready to go on their mission so they like to spend time with us and ask us a lot of questions about the mission and what it is all about!

So we went by this potential investigators house, his name is Adam. We knocked for a little bit and finally this lady opened the door, it was his mom!  At first I was kinda worried she was going to get really mad at us for knocking on her door so much, but she was really nice!!  We talked to her about what we had already shared with her son and that this is a message for families. So she asked us to come back.  Oh and the reason we couldn't talk to Adam is I guess he got jumped and is really messed up.  He was walking down the road with his ex and some dude came up and punched her, and then he punched Adam ... it was really sad to hear about.

We went on an exchange on Saturday.  We went with our zone leader Elder Belchoir, he is from Mozambique!!  He is a really good missionary!  I learned a lot from him about the resurrection and the priesthood.  Oh and he is going to be going to BYU so I told him to stop by and say hello, so don’t be freaked out when there is a guy from Mozambique on the door step soon!  He will be there for summer semester.

I got the two packages full of cookies ... thank you!  I shared them with some other missionaries and every one really liked them!!!

I taught gospel principles again this week, it was on baptism.  It was nice because the nonmember that was there last week was there again.  He had been asking me about baptism and the need and importance of doing it in this church last week.  So I was able to help him clear up some misconceptions on why we do baptisms and why it is needed.  After class he came up to me and said "soon".  I was so happy!!!  I love this man and would love to see him make covenants with God!  I pray all the time that he will have his heart touched by the spirit, I think my prayers may have been answered yesterday :)

Well family, I love you and I’m glad that I’m part of your family!!!  You are a good one :)

Elder Garrett

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Grandma Walters said...

Keep up the good work, Elder Garrett. Our grandson was made an Elder last Sunday. He will be going on his mission late August to the Oregon Portland Mission.
Brother and Sister Walters