Monday, June 24, 2013

24 June 2013

Hi family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the emailing schedule here is going to be a little different.  I will be emailing somewhere between 12 and 2 so don’t freak out if you don’t get it sooner, haha.

So the new area is really nice!!!!  I’m really liking it and my companion.  He is from Tampa, Florida and has been out 6 months!  He knows what he is doing though so that is really nice, I don’t like having a companion who doesn’t know how to teach or talk to people.  So all in all things are going great!!  We don’t really have any investigators but soon we will!  This up-coming week we made a goal to find a family.  This area has been slow for a while, it needs something positive to happen!

My companion was asked to go around and work on the cars for the new mission, so we got to go around with the assistants all Saturday and see all the elders and sisters.  It was really cool!  We also got to meet the new assistant that came in from the other mission and see the new mission office!  It was a really fun day!

Oh yeah we share this ward with another set of elders.  It’s cool!  We get to focus on a smaller area, which is really nice!  We are in a car so the heat isn't too bad here.  The dinner appointments are really fun with all four of us!  It’s almost like we are on exchanges with the other elders.  I really like it. 

The district here is small there are only six of us.  The four in my ward and then there are two about 45 miles away from us ... in the mountains.  So we don’t see them that much.  But I’m really excited about it!!!

We got sick!!! That was fun! Haha, but we are both doing better and we made it through it!!!

I realized a lot about the new mission, that it is going to be a very, very successful mission.  The missionaries that are here (in Bakersfield) for the most part are really young.  They know how to do the work and have gotten most of the baptisms for the mission.  So this mission is going to be a very good one!!  I’m glad that I’m here and get to see a part of it!!! 

Well family I love you and hope that you are doing well!!! 

Elder Garrett

Note:  Since Elder Garrett is going to be in a new mission his address will be changing.  Here is the new address:

California Bakersfield Mission
3512 Coffee Road, Suite B
Bakersfield, CA  93308

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Grandma Walters said...

Elder Garrett, we are glad that you are enjoying your new location and companion. We have a daughter, grandson and his wife, and their three boys living in Tampa Bay. The boys are so cute; the oldest is four and the twins are three! They are not members so we are hoping that someone in the Tampa mission will run across them and share the Gospel with them. We keep you in our prayers!!!