Monday, June 10, 2013

10 June 2013


Another week is gone and I’m amazed how fast it went!!!  Time seems to have just gone away, for example the other day were out visiting less actives and I looked at my watch and it was one in the afternoon then all of the sudden I looked at my watch again and it was four!!! It blew my mind haha. Time is an interesting thing on the mission. 

We still did tons of service this week.  We moved branches for this old man for around a hour, he was really nice.  His wife died about two years ago and you could tell that he really just wanted someone to talk to so, we sat there for about 40 min or so just talking about his family and his life.  He is a really nice guy and I’m glad that I was able to talk with him.  I really felt the spirit and I recognized that Christ did the same thing when he was on earth and if he was here right now he would be doing the same thing.  It was a good feeling to feel like the savior!

We finally, after a month, were able to sit down with Reed (the one who came to church a month ago), we taught the restoration and it felt like he was teaching us, we would ask a question about the point we wanted to talk about and he would share his feelings and it would be the exact same thing we were about to share with him, so we shared some scriptures to back up the things we shared and he loved it and told us he thinks it is true!  We asked him to get baptized but ... he said he wanted to wait for his family (they were out of town) to set a date, but he really wanted to get baptized ... I was so excited to hear that!!!  I hope that he really does and that his family accepts it too!!  Because this family really needs the gospel, they would do great in this church. They have two little kids, I think they are 6 and 4.

Next week is transfers. I’m excited to see what mission I’m going to be in. I really would like to go to the coast again I miss that place!!!

We moved this lady Saturday.  We showed up and nothing was packed ... my heart broke!!  But thankfully we just had to move the big heavy stuff.  The hardest part of the whole thing was moving the stuff around the big things.  So it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  The lady was really glad that we showed up and moved the stuff she couldn’t.  It is always nice seeing the joy that comes from service and I’m convinced that the person that serves gets the most out of it, as of late I feel like a different person through service, I feel closer to the Savior and I feel closer to the people.  It is a great principle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope things back home are going well, things out here are good!!!

I miss you all and love you tons!!!!

Elder Garrett

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Grandma Walters said...

Dear Elder Garrett, It seems like you have the opportunity to do a lot of service for people. We are sure it is appreciated and that the Savior is happy to see you follow His teaching. Our grandson who is working in Oklahoma for the summer had the opportunity last Sunday to go to Sacrament meeting in his work clothes and go afterwards with the members to Moore to help clean up after the tornado. He has also had some chances to go out with the missionaries. He loves it all and his sales are great, also.
Sincerely, Brother and Sister Walters