Monday, March 4, 2013

4 March 2013


Nothing really new has happened this week.

Scott is going great!  He is now getting baptized on the 16th because the 23rd is spring break! So that's exciting!  He is always asking questions that lead us to the next point in the lesson, he is probably the most prepared person I have taught on the mission.  It’s pretty fun!

AJ got the priesthood!!!  Last Thursday, it was really awesome and the spirit was really strong! And now their home has the priesthood!!  It’s really exciting to see this family catch on fire with this gospel and this church ... it has been very humbling to be part of it.

Well family sorry this is the shortest email known to man but nothing new has really happened. Love you all so much and have a good week!

Elder Garrett
This is the family that Blake is currently working with.  Scott is in the blue shirt, Carla is the mom.  AJ and Alyssa are the ones in white (at their baptism) and then Noah and Jonny are the little ones.

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