Monday, March 18, 2013

18 March 2013

Hey family!!!!!!!!!

This week was the bomb!!!!!!!  A lot of stuff happened, some good and some really weird!!!  But it was a fun week.
Tuesday night Scott had his baptismal interview!!!!!  He passed, so he is now getting baptized tomorrow night at 6!  It’s awesome!!!  He stood up in church yesterday and invited the whole ward, it was great!!  He is so excited for tomorrow.  He asked me to confirm him on Sunday. It was really humbling.
After the interview I went down to Bakersfield on an exchange with Elder Deese.  He is my district leader.  It was cool we taught a lot of lessons and had a really weird experience.  We were teaching this recent convert about the atonement and how to use it and then all of the sudden her neighbor came up and told her that her cat died!  She went nuts!!  She was screaming and crying and running around!!  It was so sad!!!  The neighbor told her that he put the cat by the dumpster ... she wanted to bury it ... then she asked us to put it in the plastic bag!!!!  It was so awful ... the life of a missionary is crazy sometimes.
BIG NEWS!!!  It’s now ok for me to email FRIENDS as well!!
Things are going great here!!!  Transfers are coming up.  I hope that I stay with Elder Scholes for one more!!
Well family I love you and hope all is well!!!
Love you!!!!
Elder Garrett

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