Monday, March 25, 2013

25 March 2013


So I’m staying in Tehachapi ... WITH ELDER SCHOLES!!!!  We are doing three transfers together!!  It’s crazy haha.  We wanted to stay for three and we got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott’s baptism was amazing!!!!  The spirit was so strong, I loved it!  Then the day after the baptism, Scott met with the bishop and found out that not only would he be confirmed on Sunday but he would be receiving the Aaronic Priesthood!!!  It was so awesome!  The confirmation went really well, it was a good experience.  Elder Scholes ordained him!  It was just a huge week for their family!  They were really worried that one of us would get transferred.  When we called them and told them the news they were stoked and started yelling and screaming about it!  They really love us for some reason. 

So Monday we were worried what was going to happen to the area after Scott’s baptism ... like who where we going to baptize next ... then all of the sudden we got a call from this recent convert sister asking us to come teach her kid and baptize him!!!!!  It was freaking amazing!!!! So we met with him, his name is Romeo, and taught him the restoration he loved it and asked us when he could get baptized ... we were almost in shock!!! haha.  So on April 13th he is getting baptized.  It was awesome, and they had one of their neighbors there and she loved it!!  And has been to church a lot and really likes it.  So hopefully next time we meet we will commit her to baptism!! 

Things here are going great!!!  I’m excited for this upcoming transfer, we should see some more baptisms and miracles.  I love it here and wouldn’t mind staying here until I finish my mission!  I feel at home while I’m here.  It’s a good feeling knowing that you need to be in a certain area, I love it!!!

Well family I love you all so much and miss you tons!!!! 

I would of put some pictures on but I forgot my camera today ... so next week!!!!! 

Stay classy,

Elder Garrett

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