Monday, March 11, 2013

11 March 2013

Hey family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this week was good.

Scott is getting baptized on the 19th instead of the 16th.  It worked out with his schedule.  He text us the other day and told us how excited and ready he is to get baptized!!!  It’s been a real blessing to work with him and a testimony builder!  That family is the best!!! They are doing missionary work already!!  Once a week we also teach AJ and Alyssa and they are always bringing their friends because they want us to baptize them!!!  One of the kids actually is interested and apparently his parents are sorta interested as well!!!  I LOVE this family!!!

This upcoming week we have zone conference, I’m excited about it.  It’s always fun to see past companions and learn something new about the work.  I’m pretty sure Elder Tincher is going to be there too!! 

Elder Scholes and I got sick this week too ... we were out of commission for most of the week.  It was sooooooooo boring just sitting there looking at the ceiling.  But we are doing a lot better now and back to work! 

I wrote you all letters and sent them out this morning!!! 

I love you all and I’m really sorry these past two emails have been really short and lame but nothing really cool has happened!

Love you all and hope you are doing good!!

Elder Garrett

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