Monday, January 28, 2013

28 January 2013

Hello family

Well this week was slower . . . but good things are still happening and we are still teaching really great people!

Something I have learned this week is how much Christ really can help.  I sprained my foot last Monday and wasn't able to work for most of the week.  But I was able to read the scriptures a lot and learn more.  It was interesting to read about the stories of Christ healing people and making them whole.  And I know that a sprained foot isn't that big of a deal but I was able to come closer to Christ through it. And yes through it all I smiled :) haha

Riley is doing great!  She came to church and is loving it!  I’m so grateful for her!  She has really been prepared by the Lord.

We weren't able to meet with AJ and Alyssa because they were really sick this week.  But they had done all the reading assignments we left them and they asked for more so things are still going great with them. They just need to get better!!

Well sorry this is so short family but there really isn’t anything else . . .


It sounds like you all had a good time celebrating his birthday and that cake looked awesome!!!

Love you all so much 

Elder Garrett

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