Tuesday, January 22, 2013

21 January 2013

Hey family

So we had a really good week!!!!

The first blessing it was warm!!  I have missed the 50 degree weather!! 

The second blessing is that we found this part member family to teach!!!  It’s a mom and her kids.  We are only teaching two of the kids because the other two are only 4 and 2.  But AJ (boy) is 13 and is more mature than me ... and Alyssa (girl) is 11.  The mom had been teaching them about the restoration and the church for a while and finally they asked her if they could actually go to church, not just hear about it from her.  So they contacted us and asked to meet with us. The lesson went so well they asked some great questions and did most of the talking which is really good!!  We asked them to get baptized on Feb 16th and they accepted it!!!!  We are going to be meeting with them twice a week which is really cool!!

Riley is doing great, we had a lesson with her last night with some members.  We taught the restoration to see if she really understood it.  She basically taught us about it!  We just showed some pictures and asked her to explain it and she did it perfectly!!  It’s cool to see that the Lord really does prepare His children and is going to make sure that they are happy!  So her baptism is the Saturday before the other two, Feb 9th. 

Things here are picking up!  I finally feel that I know what I’m doing!!  It’s nice to feel comfortable with teaching and talking to people.

Saturday we were going to an appointment and we were a little early, so we were walking around and saw some signs for a garage sale.  Garage sales are great places to meet people!  So we went over there and we didn't see any one so we started walking away.  All of the sudden we heard "Hey Mormons!!"  We didn't see any one so we kept on walking.  Then we heard "oh.... the Mormons are leaving."  So we quickly turned around and tried to find the person.  We found him he was in his house behind a big metal screen door.  He yelled at us again "can you give me one of the second testimonies of Christ" ..... We were in shock!!  But of course we gave him one and taught him more about it.  Now we have an appointment with him on Tuesday!  It was a funny moment.

Well family I love you all and hope that all is well with you!!!!

Elder Garrett

p.s. Thanks for all the pictures of the kids!!!  They are all so cute!!!

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