Monday, December 3, 2012

3 December 2012

Hello family,

This week it rained and rained and rained some more! haha. I’m usually ok with the rain but since we are on bikes it kinda sucks, but it’s all part of the two years I guess!

It’s been a really fun week though, it’s really nice to have a companion that I don’t have to stress about getting along with or what he is doing. We get along really well and we are getting the work done at the same time, that’s when the work gets fun and miracles happen!

We met a lot of interesting people this week, one was a JW who just wanted to bash with us the whole time, so we shared some scriptures and helped her learn about JESUS CHRIST and who He really is.  It was good!  We ended up seeing her later that day while walking down a street and she was happy to see us!  It’s always nice to meet people of other faiths and see what they believe.

We are still working with this part-member family, this time when we taught the husband non-member we shared some scriptures from the bible that really helped him see why we all should be part of Christ’s church and how to find out what church really is His!  He loved the scriptures and understood them.  I really love that family and want them to be in this gospel together and hope that it happens sooner than later.

We are still helping Elizabeth to stop smoking. She is doing well and is progressing in the gospel.  I love teaching her because she just understands everything we teach her so well!  I don’t think I’ve met someone who has such a strong faith in Christ.

Well family I love you all and was so excited to hear about Olive and Jordan’s blessing!!!!!

I love you I love I love you 

Elder Garrett

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