Wednesday, December 26, 2012

24 December 2012

Hello family,

Let’s start off with ... I'M SO EXCITED TO TALK TO YOU TOMORROW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also this email may be really short because I’m talking to you tomorrow ... so don’t be too mad at me!!

This week was really good!!  We worked hard.  We tracted a lot ... it’s fun in some areas but it hasn’t been that fun here!!  I guess just a different type of people.  But we still got in a few doors and taught a few lessons. 

Things with Amanda are going great!  The wheels are turning and we are gonna get her baptized soon!  She came to the Christmas devotion the ward put on and met a lot of members. She fit in and was really out going, it was a really good night last night. 

Things with the Elizabeth are the same.  She is still trying to quit.  We have been going over the lessons and trying to help her understand the doctrine.  We have really been focusing on coming unto Christ and helping her come closer to Him.  That way when she does quit she will be so ready for baptism.

So the other day we went to dinner at this family who have been here since like 1920.  So we started talking about where our family comes from and the name Nixon came up.  They were so excited, they asked me if I knew a ROBERT NIXON.  I told them that I live down the road from him and that he is my great uncle.  Then they started talking about aunt Myrine, how she was a Kemp before she married Uncle Bob and how they were cousins to the kemps.  So I ate dinner with a relative the other day.  The member we ate with was Karl Haws.  Such a small world, I guess Uncle Bob served in the branch (before it was a ward).  I’m serving in the same ward as Uncle Bob did!  So cool.

Well family I love you and hope you are doing well. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!  I will talk to you soon!

Elder Garrett

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