Monday, December 17, 2012

17 December 2012


How are you all doing???

So things here are great!!  We have had a lot of fun and worked really hard to try and help as many people as possible.  We did a lot of service and also did a lot of knocking doors ... But it was worth it and it was a learning experience for sure!!!

Friday we had a zone conference, the focus was on how well the mission is doing and the successes we have had the past few months! It was really nice to hear and see all the great things that are going on. I also heard about one of my converts from President Castro.   Apparently she spoke at a zone conference in Bakersfield and said that she is now working on serving a mission.  Her year mark of being a member is in February so it is coming up really soon that she can leave!  It was really humbling to hear about that.  It gave me a whole lot more motivation to go out and help as many people as possible!!!

The part member family we have been working with, the Pinkhams, they finally came to church yesterday!!!  And I guess it was the non member husbands idea to come!!  He went out and bought a new tie and everything for it!!  I was really excited to see him and it turned out to be a really good sacrament meeting, about the atonement, and the primary kids sang Christmas songs! 

Amanda is doing really well, we met with her and her husband last Tuesday, the husband wanted to meet with us and asked us to come over, so I was kinda worried he was gonna get mad and ask us not to come back but ... he listened to the restoration and was participating in the lesson and was asking questions!!!  So we are now teaching both her and her husband David.  It was a miracle!  The fellowship we brought just fit in perfectly and they hit it off right away!  I love when the Lord prepares his people to receive the gospel!

Last night we had a dinner at our 2nd Counselor's in the bishopric house.  He has a priest age son who is really cool and is getting ready for a mission.  He asked us if he could go out with us last night and talk to people.  It was funny to see him try to talk to people and share the gospel.  But he did really well for his first time!  It was cool to be part of that and see him get excited about going on a mission!

Well family things are going so well!!!  I’m having a lot of fun and I can’t wait to talk to you in a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Garrett

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