Monday, December 10, 2012

10 December 2012


This week was a good week!!!  We had a lot of success and met some really nice people.  It was a week of miracles and blessings for sure!

The first blessing was that we had a great lesson with Elizabeth about repentance and forgiveness.  I feel like she sometimes feels like she is in a hole and can’t get out of it, so we talked about Christ’s role in her life and how to use him more.  So she really liked it and was happy that we taught her about it.  She is still doing great on quitting smoking and soon will just be done with it all.

We got a referral from the MTC, her name is Amanda, apparently the church has been popping up a lot.  She has a lot of Mormon friends in SLC and they are all praying for her and trying to help her.  So I guess Amanda called SLC and told them to send the missionaries over.  The next day we were at her door and talking to her.  We set up an appointment at the church with our ward missionary.  We met with her and she started talking about how she already has a testimony and wants to be baptized again.  It was really spiritual and great!  So we set her with a date for January 5th but it will most likely will be sometime before that.  She was recently married I guess and when we showed up the husband was kinda confused why two guys were looking for his wife... haha   But apparently he wants to meet with us now and learn what his wife is learning about now!!  It’s been a big miracle and a blessing.

We went tracting yesterday and this guy named Clause let us in.  He was talking about Jimmy Hendricks and how he may be a prophet... It was interesting and he cursed like a sailor! haha  But we still taught him the restoration and tried to help him understand about Christ and how he really is the son of God. We shared a lot about the Book of Mormon and how he can really gain a testimony through reading and prayer.

I have noticed that being a missionary is just like being on a roller coaster there are so many ups and downs, more downs the ups but the Lord will always bring you up!!  It’s been a lot of fun learning and growing, I’m finally starting to feel comfortable being a missionary and teaching people!  It’s nice!!

Well family I love you all and hope that things are good with you!!

Elder Garrett

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