Monday, October 1, 2012

1 October 2012


How’s every one doing???
Things out here are going great! Tuesday we were able to go to the temple!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love that place.  The peace found in there is amazing and indescribable.  Sorry I forgot my camera today so I won’t be able to send pictures ... but next week I will. The LA temple is huge! I really like the Moroni on the top too. The only problem is the traffic on the 405 ... wow.  It is nice to get that spiritual rejuvenation!

The work is starting to pick up again! It seems like we will have a good week and then a bad week, and then a good week, and then a bad week, and then a good week ... you get the idea!  So I’m hoping that this coming week is a good one as well!  We got a referral from the bishop in our ward.  It is a lady named Nel, she went to church last week and said that she loved it and asked bishop when she could get Baptized!!!  We haven’t had the chance to meet her because she has been sick and out of town, but I’m really praying that this is the person that we have been looking so hard for!

I have been reading the New Testament a lot lately.  I love the stories of Christ!  I have really come to recognize how He has truly set the perfect example in all things ... not just how to treat people, but how to teach, how to act, and how to search for the spirit! I have a deep love for the Savior, He is amazing!  I love Him!

Yesterday at church this lady in the ward bore her testimony on personal sacrifice.  She explained that the only way to really receive all the blessings of heaven is to sacrifice enough to become humble.  I have heard this a thousand times over the past year but for some reason this Sister’s testimony really touched my heart.  I felt the love of the Savior and I know that I’m doing what the Lord wants me to be doing because I’m sacrificing, and I can feel the love of the Lord and I feel his blessings.

I’m so excited for conference this weekend!  I know that something special is about to happen!!!  The prophets of the Lord are going to tell us what we can do better, they are going to tell us how we can feel the Lord more in our life, we will be told how to truly feel happy!  I can’t wait to listen and feel the spirit!

Well family I love you so much!  I hope you know I miss you and I pray for you every day!!!!!!

Love Elder Garrett

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