Monday, October 8, 2012

8 October 2012


Well conference was amazing!!!!!  I can’t believe that missionaries can head out so early!!  That is so exciting.  There will be so many more missionaries now!  The work of the Lord is going to progress so much faster!  I'm excited to see the blessings that come from this revelation!  I just hope that I don't have to be companions with one of the 18 year old!! ha ha.

We got a referral!  Nell, she has been to church and felt the spirit tell her that she needs to be baptized and she apparently watched conference and loved it!  We also found out that she wants a young man who is leaving on his mission in November to baptize her!  So things are going to be picking up in this area really soon!  I really am excited to start meeting with her and help her faith in Christ grow and help her grow a relationship with Him!  There is no greater feeling than helping someone come to the true knowledge of Christ’s gospel!

Last night we went to this family’s house for dinner, they live about 50 miles east in the mountains... It is a fun drive!  It is mostly canyon roads and some dirt roads!  My companion didn't like it as much as I did though!  But here is the cool part we had GOAT TACOS!!!!  The family raises goats and sheep.  It was really good!!  Apparently they slaughtered the goat on Saturday and cooked it over a fire on Sunday morning and we ate it Sunday afternoon!  It was so cool.

So after priesthood session, this member Bro. Keck came up to me all excited and happy and said "I want to introduce my son-in-law... PARKER GARRETT...."  I was about to pass out! ha ha.  It turned out that it’s not the Parker that we know!  It was just funny!  My mind was going crazy!

Well I want to end this email with two things ... First, take to heart the things Elder Holland said! Ask yourself if you love Christ and then do something about it!

Second! WRITE ME SOME DANG LETTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I love you all and I hope all is well with you!

Your son, brother, and future step son ha ha

Elder Garrett

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