Monday, September 24, 2012

24 September 2012


Well it was an interesting week filled with drops and more drops!  We got dropped a lot this week.  It was frustrating but the Lord is opening our time so we can really find the prepared person and help them come closer to Jesus Christ. haha!  Elder Bennett and I are going to be trying a different approach on the work.  PART MEMBERS!!!!  I didn't realize how many were actually in our ward, around 75.  So we are going to be visiting them with the Auxiliaries.  I’m excited to see if it works.
So in district meeting we had an edpep or role play on answering questions.  One of the questions that I was asked to answer was "why do bad things happen to good people."  I have always known that it happens so we can learn and grow ... but I took a different approach this time.  I read Mosiah 3:7.  And it clicked ... the reason why bad things happen to us is so we can have a chance to come closer to the Savior, because He went through the hardest situations that anyone could face ... "Even Unto Death".  It was nice to be able to find out something that will benefit myself and most importantly the people I will talk to.  I like learning through the spirit!

I get to go on an exchange with Elder Ensign, he is elder Wenz' companion.  I’m going to be staying here in Santa Maria.  I wanted to go Pismo Beach where they serve but oh well.  I’m excited!  It is this Wednesday.  Elder Ensign hasn’t been out that long, I think this is his third transfer now.  But I like being around younger missionaries, they always have energy like crazy!

Tomorrow morning we get to go to the temple!  I’m so excited!  Bro Terrazzas, our ward mission leader, is taking us down.  It’s a longish drive though, 3 hours one way.  But the view is great!  We follow the 101 all the way down so for about half of the drive it is ocean on one side!  I will take a picture for you all :)

I’m glad to hear that everyone is doing well and that the babies are still healthy!!!

I love you all and miss you tons!!


Love Elder Garrett

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