Monday, October 22, 2012

22 October 2012


Santa Barbara is just like the movies .... all the rich and famous people live here or come and shop here on State Street!!  It’s interesting sharing the gospel with someone who possibly could own a billion dollar corporation ... but everyone needs the restored gospel!!

Elder Hofheins is my companion, he is from Beaver, Utah.  He has been on his mission 9 months now and is a really good missionary.  We get along well so far haha. 

We have a baptism this Saturday!!  Actually two baptisms this Saturday!!!!  It’s a mother and a daughter their names are Vivian and Shaba, they are from Nigeria!!!  So so cool!  They have been living the gospel for years!!!  So once they heard about the restored gospel they ate it up and believed it before they even prayed about it!!  It is interesting how I have only known them a week but I already love them sooooo much, they are both very special people and are going to be fantastic members.

We also have this couple, Linda and Keith, we have an appointment with them on Thursday this week, they are solid as a rock and called us almost crying because they couldn’t make it to church!!  It was nice to see someone who cares about the gospel and wants to embrace it.  It’s going to be good!

So right now I’m emailing you from a mac store on state street!  haha there are so many people here, but it is really fun and a new experience!

Oh I live with a member, his name is Bob!  We live in an apartment under his house.  The place is called the hobbit, the ceilings are only like 6.5 feet high, and some places only 6 feet high ... I have to duck or I dome myself!  (yes I'm getting a little taller!!!)  I really like living with a member!  It’s like having a safety net just in case something goes wrong you know?

Well family I love you all!!! 

Mom and Tracy, enjoy Jamaica and congratulations!!

I miss you all so much and will write next week!!

Elder Garrett

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