Monday, September 17, 2012

17 September 2012


So how’s everyone doing!!!!!! I’m glad to hear that the babies are doing so well!  Thank you for the pictures of them.

Also thank you for the packages!!!! The "over the hump" theme was funny! haha  The camel was funny!!!! And the cookies are the bomb!!!!

Things are going great here is Santa Maria!  We have met some people that seem sincere about learning more.  The first one that is probably the most sincere one is named Jeremy, he told us that he was raised Catholic but he doesn’t consider himself Catholic because he believes that God is a God of order and works the same way in every age!  We taught him the restoration and helped him see that God really does work the same.  We have taught him twice now and he is reading the Book of Mormon!
We also met Tim, he is a Christian Science member, so we talked to him about what he believes in and then we related it back to the restoration and why it needed to happen.  He was so interested and wanted to learn more.  So HE invited us back over for tomorrow and wants to read the Book of Mormon to see if it is true.  I’m excited to see what will happen with him.

I’m doing great out here, things are picking up for the most part... Sometimes being a missionary is stressful but that’s all good.  I’m learning!!! Sorry this is short running low on time!!!  Love you all so much and miss you tons!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Garrett

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