Tuesday, September 4, 2012

3 September 2012

HEY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How’s it going?  So I’m going to be staying with Elder Bennett in Santa Maria!  I’m pretty excited about it, I really like this area and the people here!  So I’m still going to be doing Elder Bennett’s training, which is good because I’m learning tons from this program, it seems like I’m learning more from it the second time around than the first.

Last night we met with Alex again!  We taught him the plan of salvation and the word of wisdom! And the funny part is that he brought up the word of wisdom.  So we talked about how there is certain things we need to do in this life to earn salvation and live with God.  It was great! Teaching people about the plan of salvation is great!  For the most part this is the first time that they have heard about this great blessing, so to see the joy in their eyes when they learn about eternal families is something special.

It’s going good here in California though!  The weather is perfect, I’m sure it’s really hot there in Utah!  Thank you for all the birthday wishes and packages!  I can’t believe it’s already September.... time is flying by!  I get to go to the temple soon!  I’m very excited to go down to LA again.  That temple is something different, it is now one of my favorites!

Well family I don’t have anything else to say!!

Love you all and hope Ashley doesn’t pop to early!!!

Love Elder Garrett

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