Monday, July 30, 2012

30 July 2012


Wow that week went really fast!

SO my new companion’s name is Elder Bennett, he is from South Weber, Utah.  He is very nice! He works hard and knows a lot so that is really good!!!!

Things are going pretty great! We were able to find 5 new investigators this week and we were able to teach a lot of lessons.  I really hope that the people we taught take to heart the things we said and really do the things we asked them to do!!!  That’s always the hard part.  But I have faith that they will! The most promising one is named Mack, he used to go to church a lot when he was younger but now he never goes.  But he said that he feels like he needs something more in his life right now and he is looking for it!  SOOO we left him with a Book of Mormon and told him to read and pray about it!  He is going to be out of town this week but he said he would take the book with him and read it on his trip!

Training is a little different but it’s almost the same as regular missionary work, the only difference is that we study for an hour longer each day so the new missionary can learn and get used to the things we teach.  It’s nice!  I’m learning so much.  I agree with the statement that the teacher always learns the most!!  I have been able to see a whole different side of missionary work because of the training program.

Yesterday at church, Sacrament meeting was on the Eight Article of Faith, I believe. And I realized something .... I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON.  I’m about to finish it for the fifth time on the mission and I love it more and more every time I read it. There are so many great promises found in it, we just have to be willing to find them and to earn them!  I have grown a testimony of Christ through the Book of Mormon. I know it’s true!

Last night we were at a member’s house and they started talking about a trip to Salt Lake!  So me being me, asked them if I could have them take a package and give it to you all!! So in about a week and a half a member will be calling one of you to give you a box and then you will have to distribute it to the rest of the family ... because there are and have been a lot of birthdays as of late. Be ready!!

Oh while we are on the birthday topic .... MINE IS IN A MONTH!!!!!!!!

Family I love you and I miss you all so much!! Before we know it Christmas will be here and we will be talking to each other on the telephono!!!


Elder Garrett

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