Monday, August 6, 2012

6 August 2012


How was your week???  Mine was very, very interesting. I got stuck in a tri-pan for the week.  I was still with Elder Bennett but we gained Elder Nielsen. He is on his last transfer in the mission. I got along very well with him but my companion didn’t ... but Elder Nielsen now has a new companion and is back in his own area. Things are back to normal!

So we had to cover two wards for a while, it was hard not being able to do the work I would have liked to do in my area, but we had to sacrifice.  I’m excited to be covering only one ward again! Things are a lot more simple and there aren’t as many names to remember!!! So like I said before I cover Santa Maria Second ward and the boundaries are HUGE!!!  It would probably take about an hour to drive from one end to the other.  So the GPS is such a blessing. We are on time to everything now!!! haha so thank you so much.

I get to go on an exchange with Elder Wenz this Saturday in my area!  I’m so excited, it’s going to be just like the old days except I will actually know how to talk to people and teach!  Elder Wenz is up in Pismo Beach about 25 minutes away from Santa Maria.  Then we have zone conference next week on Friday.  It’s always fun to see missionaries you haven’t seen in a while, that’s cool.

Cory, I hope you had a good birthday and went golfing.

Ashley, hope the baby growing is going well.

Everyone else stay classy!

Love you so much.

Elder Garrett

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