Monday, July 23, 2012

23 July 2012

Oxnard District

David Katayama

Matthew's family

Dear Family:

Well Justin’s baptism was the bomb!! His father-in-law got to baptize him, he is only a convert of about 8 months, so it was so special, he also gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost. We had dinner with them last night, the spirit is just flowing through that house.  That family is the perfect example of member missionary work. There were two other people who got baptized that day so it was a very spiritual day, we also had interviews with our mission president, so it was a very good day!

Last night I got a call from the assistants and they told me I will be training a new missionary this transfer.  I’m pretty excited but I’m really nervous, so pray for me. And I found out that Elder Wenz is now my district leader.  I’m really excited for this transfer and I know that it is going to be full of success and so many blessings. And I found out that I’m going to be staying here in Santa Maria, it’s like we are white washing in because I have only been here for two weeks now.

Things are going pretty great, the other day we were going to see a part member family. We got out of the car and this lady was looking at us weirdly, so I waved.  She yelled, “What are you selling?” So I told her that we aren’t selling anything but we are giving gifts from Christ. She laughed and told us to come over to her house. So we started talking with her and found out she was raised JW, but she hadn’t gone in 25 years or so. We testified of Christ and we started to teach the restoration, half way through she asked why there are so many churches and why isn’t there a prophet on the earth now...... So we answered and you could see the spirit testify to her it was true.  Then her husband came in and asked questions .... it was great. They invited us back so we will see how that goes, but it was a very good miracle.

Love you so much and I miss you a lot!!!

Elder Garrett

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