Monday, April 9, 2012

9 April 2012

One more week has passed crazy!!!

This week Elder Wood was sick from Monday to Thursday and I was sick AGAIN!!!!!!! on Thursday and part of Friday. It was a week full of studying and reading the scriptures! It was fun! I learned a lot about the sons of Mosiah and learned even more about the Savior.

Yesterday at church the 2nd ward had a sweet Easter program!! There was like 5 musical numbers and two brief testimonies given, it was sweet! It ended up going an hour and a half, the longest sacrament meeting I have ever been to!!!! In the 4th ward, Elder Wood and I had to give talks!! (The same ward I talked in 4 weeks ago!) It was fun though, I had to speak on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I learned a lot about the Savior’s life and His reason behind coming to earth. He really is an amazing example and I know that He lives.

At district meeting, Elder Haws, my district leader, told us a promise that President Castro gave to all of us for this weekend. He promised us if we went and testified of the Savior and His atonement and resurrection that we would be able to find the searchers and find the people who the Lord has prepared. That is exactly what we did, sick and everything, we went out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and testified of the Savior. We placed 10 Book of Mormons and handed out sooo many pamphlets on the restoration, we feel that with that promise and our efforts that we will be able to have at least one baptism from all the people we talked to and testified to.

We are still working with Matthew and everything is going well with him! George on the other hand is a little different .... he told us the other day that he thinks that we are trying to kill him and doesn’t want us to talk to him any more ... weird but it is what it is ... that was a first for me though! I have never had someone I’m teaching about Jesus Christ think I’m trying to kill them. ha ha

Last week we did find this lady named Nellie. We knocked on her door and we started to talk of the Savior and His teachings. She started crying, we asked her how she was feeling and then she opened up and started talking about her family and we taught her about the plan of salvation, it was really good. We have an appointment with her on Thursday.

Well love you all and hope that you had an awesome Easter, I know I did!!! soooo much candy ha ah

Love Elder Garrett

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