Monday, April 23, 2012

23 April 2012


How’s it going???  Well my week was just another week.  Nothing too crazy happened.  Just lots of work and trying to talk to people, of course no one wants to talk to us but that’s all good, the work goes on!

We are still working with Matthew, he is a stud.  We taught him about the Book of Mormon and why we have it and he picked it up like it was nothing!!!  He understood how the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith connect,  he understood how to find out if it is true or not.  It was great!  One of the easiest lessons I have ever had.  Other than that we aren’t teaching someone consistently .... Its ok though, gives us a lot of time to talk to everyone and try to find someone new.

We have been playing basketball every morning for the past week now, that’s way fun.  We get together with our district (minus the sisters) and then elder Wenz and his companion come and play.  There are some really good ball players out here though, so that makes it harder but it works out.

Oh last P-day we went on a hike. And to get there we HAVE to drive on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway)!!!  It was the coolest road I have ever driven.  It’s at Point Magoo, which is in my area.  They film all the car commercials and movies there.  The ocean was so blue ... dang it was cool.

Well thanks for all the letters and packages!  They were great!  Sorry this email is so short but everything is really the same here. Not much ever changes.

Well I love you all and miss you tons!

Love Elder Garrett

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