Monday, April 16, 2012

16 April 2012


Well it was a weird week. It really only felt like it was maybe 3 days, but it was 7. Pretty nice I guess.

The work is slowly getting better. We are talking with everyone and trying our best to find the people who have been prepared. Right now there is much for us to do besides tracting!!!! (yeah) We are working with Matthew and trying to help the family progress together. I really do love that family though, they are awesome. The dad, Mario, is a really nice guy, we have been reading the Book of Mormon with him a lot and trying to help him feel the spirit.

Thursday night we got a call from a member of the ward wanting help giving a blessing to a nonmember friend’s baby girl. Apparently she had fallen off the stairs and hurt her stomach. So we went over to the house and the member stopped us before we went in and told us what had happened the night before. He had tried to give her a blessing by himself and I guess the baby girl went crazy! She started attacking him and started to bite her mom. I guess the eyes of the baby were black and that the baby didn’t look like herself. Then the baby ran up the stairs, but the baby is only like one so she usually can’t run, but apparently she ran way fast up the stairs. The member, who is a recent convert of like a year and a half, asked me and Elder Wood to give her a blessing because he was terrified of the little girl. As soon as we walked in the house we felt evil was there and the spirit had long gone from that home. So we started with a prayer to invite the spirit and then we gave her a blessing. It was a very spiritual moment. While I was pronouncing the blessing on her, I felt the spirit telling me what to say and I felt him standing right next to me. After we closed, the little girl opened her eyes and I saw a flash. I saw the light of Christ illuminate in that little girl. It was way cool to be able to use the priesthood and help that little girl. Very, very powerful ...

Other than that it was a normal week! Nothing really too crazy happened, we worked hard. We have been trying real hard with declarations, but it seemed like this week everyone we tried to talk to was Spanish. I’m doing great!!!!!

Love you all and hope that everything is well.

Elder Garrett

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