Monday, August 5, 2013

5 August 2013

Hi family,

So there is a new way of doing transfers I guess ... what happens is you get a call Saturday night and are told if you are leaving or if you are staying, to my surprise I was told that I’m leaving!!!  I was kinda sad about it at first but now I’m ok with it.  We aren’t told where we are going or who we are getting.  It’s a little weird but ok I guess. So for my last transfer I’m going to a new area!!!  I’m praying it’s with some one that I will get along with without too much hassle. haha

Sorry this is gonna be short, but I’m getting transferred and I need to pack!!!  Everything is great and I’m doing fine!!!

I will let you know where I am at next Monday!!!!!!!



I love you all!!!!  I hope you are doing well!

Elder Garrett

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