Monday, July 22, 2013

22 July 2013

Hi family!!!

Well, how is it going?

My week was great!!  It was a little long and stressful for some reason but other than that, great! 

We went by this part member family’s house a lot.  The wife is a member and has been one for a while.  The husband isn’t a member and never has been interested in joining ... but I guess he had some realizations about his life.  He wants to make his marriage work, so he is actually willing to learn and do stuff that will help him.  So he came to church and brought his non-member daughter with him!!!  It was so cool to see him there.  We have been going over there since I got in this area, and I have come to love him and his family!!  They are awesome!

I also found out that I will be going to the temple this week on Friday!!!  I’m so excited about it.  I guess since I’m a short timer now and they are going to take me and all of my group that I came out with so that we can go to the temple at least one more time before we get home!!  When the assistants called to let me know I was freaked out first of all and then when they told me the news I was stoked!!! 

Also another cool thing that has happened is that I got permission to go up to Tehachapi today!!  I really miss that place and have been wanting to go back so bad.  So later today we are heading up there!!!

We weren’t able to see Ellwood and Caroline this week because they were out of town, but they are gonna be back tonight so I hope that we get to see them!!!  They are the coolest people in the world!! 

I’m going on an exchange tonight up in the mountains of Lake Isabella, I have heard that it is a very nice place!  I’m excited about it because I’m going with Elder Hatch, he came out one transfer after I did. And he is 6'8!!! So I look like a child next to him haha.  But I’m excited to see how he does the work and what I can learn from him!!

The baptismal interview went really well!!!  He passed and is planning to be baptized on August 10th!!!  I’m so excited for him!  During the interview it was really spiritual, I was surprised a little actually haha.  It was almost like I was looking through Gods eyes to see if he was really ready for the covenant that he is about to make!!!  It was a really humbling experience!

Life under the new mission president is really great, he is a great leader and shows his love!!  It’s really cool. I respect him a lot!

Well family, I love you and hope all is well with you!!!

Elder Garrett

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