Monday, August 20, 2012

20 August 2012

Dear Family,

This week was great!!!  We had zone conference and I got to see a lot of past companions. I also learned a lot about how to effectively do missionary work!

So some miracles have happened.

First - Elder Bennett and I were going to see a referral from some other elders. We went to his house and started walking to his door but we felt impressed to turn around.  So as we turned around we saw the neighbor standing in front of his house. We started talking to him about Christ and baptism. He told us he had never been baptized before but it was probably a good time in his life to do it!  So we taught him about the restoration and how we now have the authority to preform baptisms the same way that Christ was.  He was very interested and wants to learn more.  So we are going there tonight and will teach him!  It was very cool!

Second - The other night we had an hour to spare because all our plans fell through, so we decided to just go out and walk and talk to people. We started down the street we live on and we were talking to everyone we could find, most of them spoke Spanish so nothing really came from it, but there was one person who turned out to speak English!!  We asked him if we could share a message with him about Christ.  He was in a hurry and told us we could walk with him if we wanted to.  So we walked with him and taught him the restoration! He was very interested and said that he wanted to follow Christ, he also told us that he was going through some rough things in his life and that he needs a way out.  So we promised him this is the way!  We have a return appointment with him tomorrow night!

So things are going great! I hope you all liked the stuff I sent you!  I miss you all so much!!!!

Love Elder Garrett

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