Monday, August 13, 2012

13 August 2012

Hey family,

It was a good week .... except the part where I only got one letter!!!!!!!!!! haha

Elder Bennett and I are working hard and finding new people to teach. It’s been fun being able to have so many opportunities to teach people!

Saturday Elder Wenz and I went to an appointment that we had set up with an investigator named Abraham.  We taught him the restoration and started talking about how after Christ died for us and after the Apostles died that there wasn’t any priesthood authority on the earth.  He looked worried and confused, so we asked what he thinks about that, he said that it doesn’t make sense that God would take the priesthood away and keep off the earth. (perfect answer!!!) So we then taught him about Joseph Smith and how God did give the priesthood back to his children. We taught him about baptism by that priesthood authority, we asked him to be baptized and he said "most definitely!"  So that was nice! He is set for the 8th of September!

We found this GOLDEN INVESTIGATOR!!!!!  Elder Wenz and I were tracting, we knocked on this door and the guy answered and said “YOU FOUND ME”.  We said yup the Lord has led us to you, are you ready to hear the truth?  He laughed and said “I was an investigator 20 years ago, I was meeting with the missionaries for two years .... I have been reading the Book of Mormon and have been praying that God would help me.” .................................................. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!  How awesome is that!  So we talked to him for about an hour and got to know him.  His name is Dave, he apparently has been going to church a lot and is reading and praying every day!  We tried to set him with a date for September 1st but he said that he would pray about it. That’s fine with me!  We are going back Wednesday night.  Tender mercies!

I love Santa Maria! It reminds me of South Bakersfield!  The people are so friendly and kind.  It makes knocking doors a lot easier and fun!

Well family I love you and miss you tons!

Hope all is well with you all!!!!!!!

Ash good luck! haha any day now!

Love Elder Garrett

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