Monday, June 18, 2012

18 June 2012

Dear Family

Well it takes some getting used to being in a tri pan, but I really like it!  It’s a lot of fun working with two other elders because you learn more than you would with just one.  Tracting is always fun now because people just give us a funny look because we all are so big but I think it makes them listen more.

Wednesday we went to see one of our investigators but he wasn’t home and our back up plan was to knock the area around him, so we went knocking and we tried to make some good contacts.  Maybe four houses later this lady was out front of her house doing yard work, we started talking and she told us she wasn’t interested but her neighbors are.  So we went and knocked the door, it turns out they are members and there is a lady there who thought she was a member, but apparently the church lost her records.  Her name is Sissy Ryan, she said that she wants to be baptized!  We are meeting with her tomorrow.  MIRACLE!!!

It was really fun talking to most of you last night and I’m glad that you all are doing so well!  I’m pretty jealous of all the golfing you've all been doing but we all would know what would happen if I was there ;) ha ha.

On the coast they have this thing called June gloom, so every June it gets all foggy and wet and dark, it only lasts until about 2 pm though.  But it always makes the morning really hard when it is dark and cold and just bad!  But it should be gone pretty soon!  June is half way over already so that’s nice! 
Tomorrow I’m going on a Spanish exchange ... pray for me because I don’t know any Spanish at all! So we will see how all the lessons go, but luckily the Elder I’m going to be with knows Spanish really well.  I’m sure everything will turn out great and that I’ll learn some Spanish!

I hope everyone is doing well and that you travel safely!

Love you soooooooo much,

Elder Garrett

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