Monday, March 19, 2012

12 March 2012

Well well well ... so another week is gone!!! I can’t believe how fast the weeks are going now, it seems like just a week ago I came to Oxnard!!! But it’s almost been six weeks, crazy.

I’m not really sure what to say ... WE SET TWO PEOPLE WITH A DATE SATURDAY!!! It was pretty cool! But first I will start off by the main event of the day, Elder L Tom Perry came and talked with us. It was pretty intense and spiritual! I had no clue that he could get so fired up about anything but he was banging on the pulpit and yelling about teaching less active families, it was so awesome. He told us that it’s all up to the members of the Church to have baptisms not the missionaries and that we shouldn’t be the ones finding people for us to teach! The members should! It was pretty nice not being chastised but to listen to him get after the stake presidents! ha ha. Then he talked about Mitt Romney and how the Lord has given him his money and made him so successful in business so that he could run for president at this time and make the church more well known around the world! I thought that was pretty cool!

This week we taught one of the part member families in the Oxnard 2nd ward. The Aranas, they are this awesome family who have had some struggles in the past. Their son Matthew, who is 10, hasn’t been baptized yet, so we taught a lesson on how important baptism is and why we do it. Then we asked Matthew if he wanted to get baptized. He said yes and now he has a date on March 24th!!! I’m so excited for him and his family! Not gonna lie pretty stoked about it!

Then we taught this guy named George Galves, he is this college student who loves smoking weed! ha ha, He does have a prescription for it though. Anyways apparently the missionaries here in the past had been working with him but he never would agree to a baptismal date because he wasn’t sure if the Book of Mormon was true. But in the middle of our lesson (on the importance of the Book of Mormon) he stopped talking for about 40 seconds and looked up and asked us, "When can I get baptized ... I know it’s true." It was so awesome!!! So now he has a date for March 24th as well!!! It was so awesome and both of these lessons happened within a hour of each other and on the same day as Elder L Tom Perry’s talk! Pretty cool yeah!!!???

So last Thursday I went on another Spanish exchange! I prayed THREE times in Spanish and bore my testimony TWICE!!! It was so scary. It reminded me of my first week in the field. I had NO clue what was going on and I didn’t know what to say but it was fun. The missionary I went with is pretty cool. We had a lot of fun!

Well family ... its 6 months on Wednesday ... can’t believe it!

Love you all!

Miss you all!!!

Elder Garrett

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