Monday, March 19, 2012

19 March 2012

Hey hey hey!!

So its transfers .... My companion is leaving and I’m staying!!!! My new companion, Elder Wood, has been out 13 months ... I keep on getting companions that are older than me, makes it super awkward sometimes!

Regardless, it has been a really good week. Elder Lenhart and I worked really hard, we are working with Matthew Arana, he is from a part member family and he has a date set for the 31st of this month. He is great, he is 10 years old and really, really wants to get baptized. The only downfall is that the dad is less active and is holding Matthew back a little. But the Bishop is working with him, and we are as well, and he made it to church so I’m thinking that maybe the dad has realized how important it really is!

Then we are working with George Galviz. He is this cool guy in his 20's that loves Jesus but has a hard time with the word of wisdom. But he has been living right for the past week and is on track for his date on the 31st as well. He really wants to follow Christ and told us that he knows the Book of Mormon is true. I’m really excited for him! He really wants to get baptized!!

OH so we are getting some twins in the family huh??? So cool! We can call them Beavus and Butthead!! ha ha Congratulations Ashley and Brandon! Love you both!

Just so everyone knows I’m doing much, much better! I’m not sick at all so you don’t have to keep sending me the “are you ok” emails. And I got both the packages you all sent! They were great, made my week. Nothing better than packages for Easter on St Patrick’s Day!

Oh so we had dinner with the cool member named David last Saturday and he took us out to a restaurant. I was stoked! Then we pull up to this Korean BBQ place ... I was a little freaked out but I couldn’t tell him, no I’m not eating there, right? Then it comes time to order ... but this place you get family sized portions so David ordered for everyone. He ordered spicy pork (it was really good) and some spicy shrimp (also really good!!) and then he ordered cow tongue ......... I literally almost threw up right there! ha ha. But I couldn’t complain because it was a member buying. It turns out that cow tongue is really, really good! Who would have thought, right? David (who is Asian) made me eat a bunch of the tongue! It looked like the roast beef you get at Arbys. It was a fun night!

Well I’m doing fine out here. Hope all is well with you!


Elder Garrett

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