Monday, February 6, 2012

Well last Saturday we had a baptism!!! Pierce Martinez! He is a stud. It was a very spiritual experience! After he came up out of the water he was out of breath and didn't really know how to describe how he was feeling. He told me that he felt better than anything else that he has felt in his life. It was so cool to be here from the start of his teaching to the day of his baptism and confirmation. I am not really sure how to explain how I felt! When he was confirmed a member and was given the gift of the Holy Ghost, that was the most spiritual moment I have ever had in my life. The spirit was there!!! Elder Wenz and I also worked really hard this week and we set another person with a date and have been working with the people who already have dates. They are all so great and I know that they are taking the steps they need to do to follow Jesus Christ. Its really cool to see the difference in people when they follow Christ's example. These past two weeks have been a real testimony builder, that this church is true! So transfers.... I'm leaving Bakersfield... it's really sad I have come to love this ward with all of my heart and I love the people that we are teaching.... But I am going to OXNARD!! On the coast. Its going to be so dang cool. The bummer is that I'm going senior companion and I don't really know what I'm doing out here. I just found out that he has been out since may.... its kind of scary. His name is Elder Lanhart. Oh and Elder Wenz is training! It's pretty cool. Well I love you all and hope that your having a good summer I mean winter!! ha Love Elder Garrett

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