Saturday, February 18, 2012

HELLO!!!!   How are all of you doing???   I'm doing great! Oxnard is a very beautiful place! Sometimes I actually forget that I'm on a mission and not on a vacation! It's way cool to see the ocean and the palm trees!   So like I said last week my new companions name is Elder Lenhart. He is from Lehi and is pretty cool! It's wierd getting to know a new companion. But thats all part of this mission thing I guess.   My new area is really dead there isn't much going on. Its a little different because we cover two wards but thats ok. Just more stuff that we can do right? But something really exciting is that we have a baptism on Saturday! Her name is Luana Meyer. She is way cool and very spiritual. The missionaries that started teaching her set her with a date on Feb 25th. But there was really no need in waiting another week because she was so ready when I got here so Elder Lenhart and I bumped it up to Feb 18th!    But like I said earlier these areas are slow and I'm not really used to it anymore. I know that we can turn it around with the Lord's help but its going to be a lot of work. It's going to be fun but stressful. Its going to be alot of knocking doors and talking to every one! I'm excited! We already found a new investigator whose name is Ed. He is way sweet he has been shot twice in the head! And says that he knows God saved him for a reason! He is so ready to recive the gospel.   So there is this less active member in our ward who has had some problems with alcohol. We were at his roomates for dinner and he came in drunk. The drunk guy started crying and was mumbling "I need you Jesus". Me being new to the area had no clue what was really going on. But it turns out that he had been sober for 12 years prior and he started drinking again two weeks ago. He then looked at me and said I need the gospel to save me. And asked his roomate for a Priesthood blessing. It was a very spiritually powerful blessing filled with comfort and warmth. The guy who has a problem with drinking agreed to meet with us every other day to take the lessons and agreed to come to church every week. So yesterday he showed up to church and tonight we are going over to his house to give him the lessons so that he can come closer to Christ! That night was so life changing for me. To see someone so far gone that has nothing else turn to Christ and rely on His priesthood. I'm so so thankful to be here to help him with this and I'm honored to do so.   This mission so far has changed my life and I would not trade it for anything in the world! I've come to know the Savior more and I have gained a realationship with Him. And seeing the change in people just baffles me....   I love you all so much and HAPPY VALINTINES DAY!!!!!!!!   Love Elder Garett

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