Friday, February 24, 2012

  HEY FAMILY!!!   Sorry I didn’t email you yesterday, we had a zone conference and me being myself I forgot to let you all know! Sorry . . .   So in my new area, we cover two wards - Oxnard Second and Oxnard Fourth wards. It is way different to cover two wards, but oh well. Everyone is way nice so far though. It’s cool to see wherever you go there is always someone who you can connect with just because you have the same faith in Jesus Christ.   My companion, Elder Lenhart, is way cool. He is goof ball! He is always laughing at something which is good because it gets way boring if you are with someone who doesn’t like to laugh and have fun. It definitely makes the days go by faster. But it’s always hard getting use to someone new.   Well it was a good week!! Last Saturday Luana was baptized! The baptismal service was a very spiritual experience and I’m very grateful to have been there. I am very blessed to have been here to see her make that covenant with the Lord and take part in her receiving the Holy Ghost. Other than that this week has been a slow one. The areas we have need a lot of work and I know that Elder Lenhart and I are supposed to be here to find the people who are in need of the gospel. It is very humbling to know that the Lord has trusted me to watch over this part of His vineyard.   Yesterday in our zone conference, President said that the Lord equals us for the task. It made me realize that the Lord is always watching over us and it is up to us to make sure that we are ready for what the Lord requires of us.  He will always make us equal to the task that He has given us. I also had the great opportunity to teach with President Castro yesterday. It was a practice situation, but none the less very stressful! ha ha. Thank goodness I didn’t mess up to bad. It was for sure a learning experience. It went well :)   Well family I miss you all and I can’t believe it has been over 5 months!! Crazy, right? I hope everything is well with you and I love you all!!!!!!!   Elder Garrett  

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