Friday, November 11, 2011

Well this is the last week in the transfer! So I wont find out if I'm being transferred next Monday morning!

But the big news of the week, the Lord has blessed me and my companion with a car! ha ha! Now we can go out and do work! We have been going crazy and talking to everyone we see!

Well our day..
 6:30am try to wake up and work out
7:00am Breakfast/get ready for the day
8:00am Personal study
9:00am Companion study
11:00am we usually tract
12:30pm lunch
1:30pm we go see potential investigators
5:30pm Dinner with a member every day!
7:00pm Back to Proselyting or lessons
9:00 pm HOME
10:30pm Bed

That's my day. I love going out and talking to random strangers! It makes me laugh most of the time cause every one has some crazy idea about us not believing in Christ already! ha ha
Well nothing too crazy or interesting happened this week. So nothing to report.

But you should send letters to the mission office this week unless you send it before November 9th. If your going to send me a package just send it to the mission office!

Well love you sooo much!!!!
Miss you all

Elder Garrett

*Side note from Ashley: Sorry I didn't post this earlier in the week, but remember that if you are sending a LETTER OR A PACKAGE please send it to the mission office (address on the right side bar of the blog).  And I'll try to be better about updating the blog when I get the letters.  :)

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