Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Family!!!!!
So my new companion, Elder Wenz is so cool! He is from Louisville, Kentucky!
 We have been working so hard the past week. We have been teaching lessons non stop! We have taught around 8 lessons in 5 days! We have 3 new solid investigators that are really excited about what we are teaching them and they invited us to come back. Elder Wenz and I work well together! Our teaching styles go well together and our testimonies feed off of each others. Its really amazing to see the spirit teach someone rather than us teach them. I have realized that the Holy Ghost is a way better teacher than me or any other missionary out there!
 We live with the zone leaders still! The one that was kind of not so nice and not happy at all left! The new Zone Leader, Schiess is amazing! I'm learning so much! He is teaching me things my trainer should of but didn't for some reason, so I'm really excited about it. 
 I'm so excited for Thanksgiving!! We have two dinners set up! Its going to be a rough day though.
 Oh, my new Companion Elder Wenz has only been out 5 months so its almost like we are training each other! President Castro is doing some really crazy things with leadership and trainers! I'm so excited about this transfer! I'm already learning so much from Elder Wenz!
 Bakersfield is weird its so cold here now, its around 40 degrees right now. I thought I was going to California not Canada!!! The nights are freezing, its hard falling asleep. I'm so greatfull for the coat that you sent me!  I have been using both the coats and my suit jacket! Its rough but at least I'm on a bike now. The other day we road 24 miles, it was such a long day but I slept like a baby!
Last Night we met this guy named Mike at the Wal Mart Parking lot. He was really nice! He is Baptist and wasn't interested in listening to us at all, but we were persistent and started talking about modern day prophets and how they are called of God just like Moses and Noah. He opened up and about the idea of talking to us and we told him that we have a uniuqe message about the fullness of Christ's Gospel on the earth today. He was so interested by the time the spirit was done with him he wanted to meet with us!
The Holy Ghost works in great ways that help us do this work as missionaries. I'm so greatful to be out here during this time of my life. I hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving! Its going to be weird being away from home for the holidays though.
I love you all! and hope all is well!
Elder Garrett
ps.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!

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