Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hey Family!

Well this week was cold! (Not really but it seemed cold!) It got around 32 degrees and my hands were freezing! Elder Wenz and I are ridding bikes like crazy out here. We are averaging around 20 miles a day, my legs are so tired but I love riding though.  The Lord is definitely showing us the blessings of the hard work.

Last Friday in weekly planning we set a goal to hand out 4 Book of Mormons each and leave a commitment to read and pray about it. So over the past 3 days we have been passing out Book of Mormons and leaving commitments like crazy! It helps if they make a commitment to reading it cause then they feel guilty if they haven't. We are really trying hard to help the people in this area come unto Christ.

During our Zone Conference last Wednesday President Castro was talking about the Doctrine of Christ and  when we use it in our teaching and declaring we are able to have the Lord's spirit more abundantly. Elder Wenz and I are starting to use it all the time in our declarations of the Gospel. This way when people are really excited about the Gospel, we know that they are more ready than someone who doesn't show that same excitement. It is helping us to know how is elect.

President Castro has also asked us how we ourselves are coming unto Christ. And reminded us that the Doctrine of Christ is a continual thing and that we always need to be trying to come unto Christ our entire lives. So I thought to myself how am I really coming unto Christ?  I thought of the person that I used to be and how there we so many things that I should have done better. Then I think of my life now. I'm always trying to make the right choices and I'm thinking of what the consequences of my actions will be. And then I realized that I really am trying to be more like Christ in everything that I do.

I'm so happy that I'm here serving the Lord. He is making things come to pass in my life that are truly miracles. I"m so greatful for the Book of Mormon and the guidance we can recieve from it.  I know that if we follow it's teachings that we are coming closer unto Christ.

I love you all and I'm sorry that I didn't send any letters last week, but I didn't get any stamps last Monday. (But I'm just on my way to get some!)
Miss you so much,

Elder Garrett

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