Tuesday, May 22, 2012

22 May 2012


Well sorry I didn’t email you yesterday, we had zone conference and it went ALLLLLL day.  It was really fun though, other than that it was an AMAZING week.

Elder McCracken and I have been working really hard to find new people to teach and new people to BAPTIZE!!!  So we worked really hard and we saw results (knocking A LOT of DOORS).  It was really nice to see how hard work pays off.  It may not be right away but success will come to those who are faithful and willing to do what is needed.

It all started off with my exchange with Elder Haws, we had a great planning session and that really set the tone for how the day was going to be.  Then we had a great study and then we went to work!!!  First we were going to have to go to a certain street but I accidentally went to the wrong street, but we got out and tried to talk to people.  We ended up having two lessons and finding a really solid potential investigator there.

Then we went to the next name we had down, that street was on fire.  We had three lessons and found 4 NEW investigators there.  We found Robert and Ron and Glen and Lisa.  Robert now has a date for June 30th and he is doing great.  He struggles with reading but he really wants to learn.  Ron has neuropathy or else he would have accepted the invite, he can’t walk too well and is afraid of going down stairs.  But we are working on him showing his faith in Christ and taking the plunge!!

Then we got a referral from a member and we went over with him to teach her, she willingly accepted an invite to be baptized and is reading from the Book of Mormon.  It is a complete miracle and she is progressing really well.  Her name is Kari Tran.  We teach her every Thursday night now, she LOVES the Book of Mormon and is so excited to be baptized.

Well family I will try to send you pictures of Matthew’s baptism and some other random ones!!!!

I love you all and I’m glad to hear your doing so well.

Love Elder Garrett

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