Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Well well well.... The mission is going great! The people here are amazing! I have grown to love the area even the smog and the humidity haha! The days are going by so fast and the weeks are going even faster. I'm already half way through the transfer! I can't believe it.
The other day we had an apointment with shane so we stopped by and he wasn't home, so we left a card and asked him to call us when he got it. So around a hour later we recieved a text from him saying that we shouldnt come around his house anymore and that we shouldnt talk to him anymore. He told us that his family is getting mad about us comming around and that they are strong christians and dont want to talk to anyone who isnt..... it was so sad. we tryed to explain that we are Christians and that we believe in Jesus Christ and that he is our Savior but he wasn't having it. So we no longer have him as a investigator... it sucks.
But the work is still going great. We ran into a less active part member family the other day while we were riding around. She was very intersted in learning more about the book of mormon and wanted a copy. (She is the less active) Her fiance wanted to learn more about the Restoration. So we left him with a restoration book and told him that we would stop by later in the week and talk about it with him. he was very very intersted!! So Elder Campbell and I Invited them to the halloween party this wednesday that the ward is throwing ( so so excited about that! Chilli and Cornbread cook off!! and trunk or treating! going to be a good day! ha ha) but they sadi that they would come! So yeah I really hope that they will come.
Yeah the mission is going well!!
Love you all so much
Elder Garrett

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